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Apps for Hearing Aids

March 19, 2019

Almost everything can be done through an app these days, and your hearing aids are no exception. Apps are downloadable on both iPhone and Android devices and can help improve the user experience. With a simple touch of the screen, your app can open you up to a world of possibilities that make it easier to do things like control volume or check the charge of your battery. Some are even equipped to do more like find your hearing aids if you misplace them.

Resound Hearing Aid Apps

Resound is a company that has been around for decades. Businesswise, they are always trying to make improvements in wearability and streaming. They offer wearers a range of apps to improve experience.

Smart 3D App

The Smart 3D app offers a whole host of benefits. You can track the status of your rechargeable battery and while it's charging you can get real-time updates on its completion status. Want to stream? The app reduces lag time.

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Smart App

You want this app if you're worried about misplacing your hearing aids. The application will quickly trace their whereabouts. It also gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to your hearing aid controls. For tinnitus, you have a separate feature that lets you manage the comfort.

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ReSound Relief

Designed for tinnitus, the ReSound Relief is another app that lets you make changes to improve comfort, but differently. Tinnitus is a little challenging to live with, and this app provides relaxing sounds and therapies to ease the stress from those who suffer.

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Control App

Want to adjust the controls of your hearing aid? With a couple of taps to your screen, you can make adjustments in the Control App from Resound. The app lets you integrate with your surroundings. When you open it, you can select from options like "restaurant," and it will adjust the volume accordingly.

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Oticon was established in 1904. Since then, it's taken a unique approach to develop hearing aids that are innovative. Oticon offers one comprehensive app that syncs with their hearing aids called Oticon ON. Different features are found throughout the application, and they are all pretty amazing. You have a remote control in the app to change the listening program and adjust the volume. Just like Resound, the Oticon ON will help you find your hearing aids if they go missing. Create an account, and you can take advantage of the Internet of Things. It's advanced technology that syncs your hearing aids to other devices besides your smartphone. Does your partner have the same hearing aids? The devices have individual channels delegated to each wearer, so you don't have to worry about overlapping signals.

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A global company, Phonak utilizes the information it pulls from its global presence to make improvements to their hearing aids. If you are interested in simplicity, this app is for you. While it packs in quite a few features, it's not as broad in scope. You'll get the remote access for adjusting volume controls which is very handy. Streaming is possible for music and phone calls giving each wearer clearer sound. The same is said for TV streaming. A striking feature most people like is the ability to make independent changes to the right and left ear. New hearing aid wearers will find this feature very beneficial.

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Another global company producing hearing aids is Unitron. As a company, they don't just rely on audiologists to help with innovation. They employ experts in mechanics as well.

Remote Plus App

Unitron is dedicated to excellent service and quality. They do this through the use of their Remote Plus App. Anyone with the Moxi All hearing aids can report personal impressions while using them. It also gives functional controls over things like volume, balancing the right and left, and adjusting programs with a couple of clicks.


To improve patient care, the uHear app connects care teams and their patients. Through the app, individuals can find integrated hearing tests. The tests are designed to check hearing sensitivity, speech in noise, and everyday listening performance.


The central remote app from Unitron is their uControl application.  Wearers get a sense of control back regarding their listening experience because they can both adjust settings and give real-time feedback on performance.

Start Here

Getting hearing aids for the first time can be overwhelming. The Start Here app provides resources for both the wearer and their loved ones about what they can expect. The purpose of the app is to help make educated decisions and give answers to some of the most common questions about purchasing and using the devices.

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Hearing Aid Testing Nashville

All roads to the best hearing aids start with quality testing from your Nashville audiologist. If you have additional questions about the brands mentioned above, the cost of hearing aids, and what you can expect, download our ebook “Hearing Aids Options & Costs.”

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